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Spinal cord: converting ventral/ anterior/ motor/ efferent and dorsal/ posterior/ sensory/ afferent
A limousine:
The motor of limo is ventral and anterior on the car.
The Aerial is sensory and on the dorsal and posterior of the limo.
· Note 1: 'A' is Afferent, and also, in a limo, the aerial on the top of the trunk has a capital 'A' shape.
· Note 2: An aerial is a sensory thing: picks up radio waves.
· Note 3: If picked a limo up in your hand, can only see motor on ventral, since dorsal is covered by the hood/bonnet.
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---Robert O'Connor University College Dublin

Dorsal= afferent, Ventral= efferent and their functions
"My friend DAVE got kicked in the behind and screamed":
Dorsal/Afferent component is the sensation of pain coming from the rear.
Ventral/Efferent component is the motor action of screaming (which is done at front of body).
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---Anonymous Contributor
Afferent vs. efferent neurons
Afferent = Arrive
Efferent = Exit
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---Scott B. Phillips UC Medical College
Spinal cord: afferent vs. efferent neurons
"Confusing because they both sound the SAME":
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---Dave Colbert University of Western Australia

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