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Oral contraceptive complications: warning signs
Abdominal pain
Chest pain
Headache (severe)
Eye (blurred vision)
Sharp leg pain
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---Carrie Davis, RNC, MSN, WHNP Obici Health System
Abdominal pain: causes during pregnancy
Abruption of placenta
Rupture (eg. ectopic/ uterus)
Rectus sheath haematoma
Ovarian tumour
Torsion of uterus
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---Graeme Little University College London
Post-partum haemorrhage (PPH): causes
4 'T's:
Tissue (retained placenta)
Tone (uterine atony)
Trauma (traumatic delivery, episiotomy)
Thrombin (coagulation disorders, DIC)
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---Nicholas Kelly
Ovarian cancer: risk factors
"Blue FILM":
Breast cancer
Family history
Low parity
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---Sung H. Kim
Prenatal care questions
Amniotic fluid leakage?
Bleeding vaginally?
Fetal movement?
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---Jason Bermak UC Irvine
Asherman syndrome features
Acquired Anomaly
Secondary to Surgery
Hysterosalpingography confirms diagnosis
Endometrial damage/ Eugonadotropic
Repeated uterine trauma
Missed Menses
Normal estrogen and progesterone
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---Rinku Uberoi UNIBE
Vaginal pH
Vagina has 4 labia and normal pH of vagina is about 4.
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---Anonymous Contributor
Gestation period, oocytes, vaginal pH, menstrual cycle: normal numbers
4 is the normal pH of the vagina.
40 weeks is the normal gestation period.
400 oocytes released between menarche and menopause.
400,000 oocytes present at puberty.
28 days in a normal menstrual cycle.
280 days (from last normal menstrual period) in a normal gestation period.
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---Anonymous Contributor
CVS and amniocentesis: when performed
"Chorionic" has 9 letters and Chorionic villus sampling performed at 9 weeks gestation.
"AlphaFetoProtein" has 16 letters and it's measured at 16 weeks gestation.
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---Anonymous Contributor
Alpha-fetoprotein: causes for increased maternal serum AFP during pregnancy
"Increased Maternal Serum Alpha Feto Protein":
Intestinal obstruction
Multiple gestation/ Miscalculation of gestational age/ Myeloschisis
Spina bifida cystica
Anencephaly/ Abdominal wall defect
Fetal death
Placental abruption
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---Rinku Uberoi UNIBE
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