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** Medical Mnemonics for PDAs is co-developed with pdaMD.com

Medical Mnemonics for WAP Devices
I'd Like To Phone A Friend
Screenshot of Phone.com WAP device
MedicalMnemonics.com running on a standard Phone.com powered WAP mobile phone.
MedicalMnemonics.com is available for WAP-enabled phones. All WML 1.1 compliant WAP phones are supported, including EPOC-based and Phone.com-based devices. To hook in, spark up the device and enter the WAP address above.

Home Menu
The initial home page is a menu: scrolling up or down will highlight the menu links. Links are provided to browse by discipline, browse by system, scan the newest additions, view the top user-rated entries, or search by keyword. Once the desired link is selected, press the OK button to start.

If browsing by discipline or system, a menu will ask which discipline or system to browse. Scroll up or down to select the desired discipline or system and press OK. A few mnemonics will be returned at a time; pressing the "Next" button will return the next set of results.

To search for a mnemonic, enter the desired keyword, then press the "Find It" button. Returned results will be listed, with a next button if there is multiple results for your query.

Screenshot of EPOC WAP device
MedicalMnemonics.com running on an EPOC-powered WAP mobile phone.


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